We Are Being Made New

And the One seated on the throne said, ‘Behold, I make all things new.’ ” Rev. 21:5

If you have found your way here to this blog you are experiencing something new. Our humble little Finnish Lutheran church was founded in 1900 so its pretty old but, to the best of my knowledge, this our first adventure onto the new frontier of the internet. I must admit that this is certainly my first personal experience in trying to create a website or devotional blog. I certainly hope its meets our needs and your expectations.

Moving into the future is a pretty scary thing for most of us. These days especially, it seems very dicey. Our lives seem to be moving along at a very hectic pace. Everybody seems to be busy, busy, busy doing something. We all have our own agendas and we tend to pursue them with unabashed gusto. Like ole Frank Sinatra used to croon, “I Did it My Way”. We want what we want when we want it, don’t we? The unfettered pursuit of a better future, one that is to our liking, has always been the hallmark of life in America.

Unfortunately, according to the Holy Scriptures, doing it “My Way” is also the exact definition of sin. The story of the fall in Genesis 3 is not simply the story of a couple of mixed up creatures who simply made a bad choice but rather its a documentation of a crime. You see, what happened is that we humans stole our very existence from God. We succumbed to the temptation to be the makers of our own future. We thought we would be better off being our own gods through the choosing of our own “good and evil”. We are now drawn inward to hear and follow our own voice instead God’s external one (the first thing Adam & Eve did when they heard God coming to speak to them was flee and hide was it not?). We are now in bondage to self and our desires. This bondage is what the Bible calls “original sin”. Sinners like you and I continue to repeat this “original sin” in endless manifestations because we stubbornly insist on being the determiners of our own futures.  Our bondage to sin causes to try to desperately control all things and have the final say over everything and everyone including God. In our sin, we are deluded into thinking we can make a glorious future for ourselves. Unfortunately, the path of sin leads only to death.

But God in his mercy was not content for that to be our fate. He decided to intervene and change our future. He decided to send His beloved Son Jesus Christ to save us from the inevitable death that our sinful self would otherwise lead us to. He has come to give us, to give you, Grace. Jesus has come down to dwell with us in His Word to say “I forgive you.” And with these simple Words of love, God has just created the future; your future. You are now His and He will now take charge of your future and lead you to where He wants you to go – and that is all the way to heaven! Now all things are possible for you. Even celebrating and enjoying a new website for a very old Finnish church is possible!

Peace be with you….


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