And the Darkness Has Not Overcome it……

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it….” (John 1:5)

For Michelle and her loved ones…….

Tonight as I am writing this a massive summer storm is illuminating the U.P. skies with huge bursts of lighting and loud cracks of thunder. The storm came tonight with powerful winds and battering rains all enclosed in a darkness that seemed bent upon swallowing up and devouring all in its path. Indeed, the sheer, raw power of nature in its full destructive fury can terrify and leave us in awe and wondering if anything can escape its reach. When death comes to a loved one so close and so near, we also feel enveloped in a dark cloud of grief and sorrow that can also leave us questioning if it can ever be overcome.

But God has seen our plight and has reached out to us in our darkness. He has sent us a light into our world, into our lives, in the person of His Son Jesus Christ. God has decided to send a light into the darkness that will always be with us and whom He has promised will never be engulfed, overcome, or extinguished.

Jesus is the true light Who illuminates and gives life to every person. The darkness and power of death seem to be a power that is beyond description and something that cannot be overcome. But the power and light of Christ are much greater. The light and grace that comes to us in Christ has the power to create new life which was demonstrated for everyone to see through the cross and the resurrection.

Our Lord is the light that will never be overcome. He came personally to our beloved sister Michelle and placed His light in her in Baptism. In Baptism, Christ called her by name, promised to be her God, pledged to be with her in all things in life (even death), and said He would personally come to take her to eternal rest in the Father’s house when her earthly journey was done.

The Holy Spirit has promised us in Romans 6:4 that “We were buried therefore with him by baptism into death, in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, we too might walk in newness of life.”

Christ, the one who conquered sin and death, the light who the darkness has never overcome is the one who we have been joined with in the waters of baptism. If the One who has walked out of the grave is in us, is in Michelle, then no power of darkness including death will keep us and her from being brought back into the light of life.

No storm of darkness can overcome the radiance of Christ and the life He gives to you. No power can destroy the Christian’s life in Christ. Michelle lives because Christ lives. Take that light with you as you go this week and the darkness shall never overcome you.

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