Welcome/About Us

It’s just a fact, we are busier then ever today in America. The faster the pace of life, the lower the depth of individual relationships. So many people are looking for an authentic, meaningful connection and intimacy. They’re looking for real community. We understand this. Here at Bethany Lutheran Church you are not a demographic but a person.

We are not looking for perfect people. We want to help one another, in the Spirit of Jesus Christ, to be real and honest about the losses, struggles, temptations, hurts and hopes of living. At the same time we joyfully celebrate the new life that is ours in Christ.

We will not try to market you into our church with fads and gimmicks. What we offer is what has changed lives across the generations: the simple, clear, authentic Christian message  – the Good News of God’s grace, forgiveness and love for you as revealed in Jesus, with no frills, man-made rules, or other hoops for you to jump through.

The faith of the Lutheran church is grounded in the Living Word of the Gospel promise that is Jesus Christ, recorded in the Holy Scriptures, and expressed in the historic creeds and the historic public confessions of the church; a faith in continuity with the church throughout the ages and which provides stability in often chaotic times.

We invite you to worship with us this Summer (2020) either on Saturdays for “Drive-in/Outdoor” services at 6pm in the Covington Township Multipurpose Center parking lot or on Sundays for “traditional” services at 11:30 AM in our church sanctuary. Lutheran worship takes us out of ourselves, transcends the shifting and wandering fads of culture and, most importantly, focuses on the Gospel promises of God in Jesus Christ.

We welcome you to join us anytime.

Your fellowship with us is always a cause for rejoicing.

Thank you – Blessings & Peace!

On behalf of the congregation,

Pastor Richard J. Little